Lisa Wood


Who cares about the numbers?

The creaks and lines that are just appearing?

The positions that are just NOT happening!

As old favorites fade away—-

Newfound pleasures make their stay.

Impressions change as True understandings emerge.




Lisa Wood


A wonderful experience—-

The salty and the sweet.

Do I dare attempt to think—-

Of the damage I am adding behind me?

No, enjoy these few pleasures

Those made most sensual in life—-

Before the next guru states,

“Those antioxidants/carbohydrates will surely screw you!”

Do the means ever justify the ends?

Let me finish these chili-cheese fries

To contemplate my answer.



Less is More

Lisa Wood


Focuscreate vivid scenes       

Capture that one elusive moment,

Introduce him to the page and to the ink.

Help them become close buddies

Intertwine their personalities,  perceptions of one another, their thoughts—

Journey into this unwed naïvety called Poetry.