One dark December morning

We received a dreadful call

The nurse said, “Come to the hospital.” as I recall

Mama had gotten worse

This was a day of dread

Just as I suspected, when we arrived Mama was dead

Mama left us that day

But she’s in a better place

She is now gazing upon Jesus’ face

Her legs no longer crippled

Her legs no longer old

For she is now dancing and rejoicing down the streets of gold

She has joined my brother Phillip

Who had gone on years before

She can now hold him in her arms once more

All her brothers and sisters are there too

Along with her mom and dad

What a joyful reunion they must have had

Mama had to leave us that day

I don’t understand the reason

But I know it’s only for a season

One day we will be together once more

Dancing, laughing, embracing like never before




By:  Mama’s little girl

Sheila Brannick