I Believe

Patti Morris


          I believe

People are good, we make them bad

Nurture is all that we control

It’s all attitude and attitude is contagious


I believe that people value recognition

          Look at me

          Notice what I am

          Encourage me


I believe that working hard is a learned skill

          Competence grows, expands,

          Develops, blossoms,

 Breeding confidence


Success is necessary


I believe education is a life long experience

                   School only a seminar in that journey


          I believe grace manners, kindness, gentility

                   More valuable than money


          I believe laughter and tears are of equal importance---and

                   Should be dispensed generously


          I believe contentment comes from within

                   Acceptance of how I am is good

                   Only—if I am constantly working to know more—

                             To be better –in my eyes


          I believe it is OK to indulge my senses,

                   Linen napkins, fine wine, good music,

                   Cream cheese, rich chocolate, whipped cream


          I believe the song of life should be played

                   As a canon—slow, deliberate, and passionately

                   Punctuated with engraved acknowledgements

          Thoughtfully—meticulously composed