I Wish For…



Cool Fall Days, when the vibrant colored leaves are just beginning to fall

          Cold Winter Days, when the sound of a crackling fire helps to add warmth to the room

          Breezy Spring Days, as new leaves and bright flowers peak out over a once dead earth

          Balmy Summer Days, where the winds slowly blow out over the ocean and carry sand onto the shore

          Each day of each season, to be a time of beauty and self-expression of the wonder of the individuality and difference of everything.




Life is like a box of chocolates…



Childhood is like a piece of peppermint.

          Each day one to be enthusiastically tasted, and tried while shifting from one side of the mouth to the next.


          Adolescence is like pop rocks.

          They burst and pop almost painfully and yet unable to be put down or to quit trying.


          Young Adult years are like orange peanuts

          They disappear and rush by with almost no noticeable effect until they are almost gone.


          Adult life is like a fine piece of chocolate.

          It is to be eaten slowly and cherished because once it is gone, there is no more.




          Time is like falling leaves in October.

Yellow, Orange, Red—each leaf different as it flutters to the ground.


Time is like a stream in the mountains.

Curling, Rippling, Rushing—each new rock and turn in the water.


Time is like a beach during a storm.

Lightning, Thunder, Crashing—each new wave bringing a new idea and a new sound to the shore.


Time is like sand in an hourglass.

Slowly, Steadily, Constantly—each grain of sand falls until there is no more.


Time is always changing—sometimes slow, sometimes rushing by, determined only by what you do and what you make of it.

I Am…



          I am a Teddy Bear

          Both fluffy and snuggly

          I am security and loving hugs

          I am sometimes used and abused

          But I am forgiving and forgetting

          I am long cherished and always present

          Even in the background


This is Just to Say…



          This is just to say I love you.

I love your deep thoughts that I can see flickering in your dark blue eyes.


This is just to say I need you.

I need your strong arms that wrap around me so tight as the lightning flashes in the midnight sky.


This is just to say I enjoy you.

I enjoy the way you laugh when nothing funny was said out loud, only a look was given.


This is just to say I love you.

I love so many things about you, your laugh, your smile, your wit, your wisdom…you.