chang chuan 8000 seasons

standing erect like crane

flash into action, shift left

block strike go


kick snaps-thunder lands

crane whips neck

snake strikes—shuto

dragon wakes


eagerness-not quite butterflies

energy bound-barely bound

gimme more-festering

try again—focus


pain grabs eagerness by the throat

squeezing and shaking the life away

still festering, wanting more

needing more—focus


wu te enlightenment

knowledge insatiable

can’t get enough



8 points  8 paths

yin-light and quick

yang-dark and strong

yinyang one


seeking legs

36 chambers, chi filled

bursting point, need a key

eyes wide open, still can’t see


springing legs

reaching searching

guided by ancient spirit

can you hear it? can you feel it?

cat jumps to half moon
blindly guided  by dull glow
tiger front panther back
attack retreat  attack


tiger mouth open wide

grab hard-don’t let go

harnessed power

ready to flow


panther strikes

rapidly repeatedly

cornered-attack back

see all


strong serpent strikes

fast and tight

coils around neck, constricting

muscles crawl over life


dragon whips tail

powerful, quick, smooth

windmills on broken hinges

controlled chaos


graceful crane

frail balance

precisioned strike

return stationary


support the sky

hold it firm

hold it gently, don’t squeeze

 getting heavy—weary knees, focus


holding the heavy black kettle

compact desert

legs shaking, weary knees trembling

arms tiring back aching—focus