First Date



The feeling started in the pit of my stomach and fluttered up toward my throat.  My throat became very dry, and it was unbearable to speak.  I could feel my heart pounding in my ears.  I kept rubbing my hands on my pants in an attempt to keep them dry.  The time had come for him to arrive.  It seemed as if I had worn a path between the couch and the window.  The clock was ticking loudly.  Funny, I had never noticed that before.


Before my date’s arrival, I was a very frantic female.  I dressed and undressed at least a dozen times, trying to find the perfect outfit—one that would make me drop dead gorgeous.  I came to the conclusion that nothing but a miracle would achieve that.  So, I settled for something comfortable.


Finally, I heard the roar of his truck.  The ferocious barking of the dogs notified me of a stranger's arrival.  They reminded me of a pack of wolves attacking their prey.  I tried to be calm as I waited for his knock.  That feeling came back again in the pit of my stomach.  I had to take several deep breaths.  I opened the door, smiled, and invited him inside.   The next moments were a blur.  I know he spoke to my parents and sister.  Then, we were on our way out the door.


One giant step into the unknown.  An endless array of scenes flashed through my head.  The possibilities of the next moments flooded my brain.  Several questions popped into my head, and I couldn't help but wonder if tonight would end in disaster for both of us, if this person could be my future husband, or if both of us would be bored out of our mind?