Last Call?



Last call!!

And the man behind me says he has all the answers.

I’m to slow to turn and see the man who could serve as my guide tonight—

That’s just my luck.

Clunk and the sound of the rocks in my glass—

I don’t think I’ve heard a song that pretty in a long time—

Two slurps.

Thank God it was a double.

The burning down my throat somehow seems to clean the dirty words away—

If it weren’t for anger I wouldn’t be human.

Begging, I get a second double.

Clarity sets in and suddenly I realize what the ghost behind me meant—

Sobriety has a way of takin’ all the answers from you—

It robs your senses . . .

Or maybe things are just more complicated without my goggles on.

At any rate, the first thing said was my last thought—

So where do I go from here?

It’s just a short trip to the bottom of the bottle—

And what do you know—I got plenty of time to get there.

Last call?! . . . Speak for yourself—

I’ve only begun to fight!