Wonderful Love

Mother and Father have been blessed
With a truly wonderful love.
A love that's endured through all of these years
With the help of God above.

There have surely been struggles
Along the way.
But they've held to the vows
They made that day.

June twenty-ninth was the special day
In nineteen sixty-eight.
Two young adults who were crazy in love
Could hardly even wait.

They promised to love
Through good times and bad.
Luck'ly more good times is what they've had.

Two healthy children came along
With two years in between
Things were happy in the house.
Some of their friends felt green.

The house was always filled with love
And special memories.
The older child in nineteen ninety
Sailed across the seas.


He had joined the Navy
To Rhonda's great dismay.
And at his ripe old age of twenty
There's nothing she could say.

Kevin is their son
Who now is twenty-nine.
He's always been the unique one-
Doubtlessly one-of-a-kind.

The younger child was much too scared
To go that far from home.
Deciding to teach was a safer career
That wouldn't require her to roam.

Holly also has her ways
That make her different, too.
Her new found love is poetry
Of which she has no clue.

Now that both the children
Have finally left the nest,
They realize that their parents gave
Only their very best.

All-in-all, life's been good.
They really can't complain.
Rhonda and Tommy have been blessed
With few days filled of rain.


Holly Pittman
Summer 1999